Glass Design

Czech republic stands for highly appreciated glassmaking tradition. Almost since 2002 when Peter Olah moved here, he started to be very interested into the glass industry. His technical background gave him a different perspective on the creative process and has had a significant impact on his style as he constantly searches to combine modern technology with time-honored craftsmanship to provide innovative aesthetics. He loves taking traditional materials and methods to interpret into a fresh and modern style, pushing the boundaries of design and production while insisting that the quality always remains the very best. The variety of his projects spans from the drinking glassware and vases through worldwide famous trophies like the Tour de France trophy, International Ice Hockey trophy or the trophies for Formula 1 Champions up to the architectural installations. By many of them he cooperates with the german designer Lars Kemper and companies like Preciosa or Lasvit. The search for new challenges leads them to a multitude of different places across the globe: from Milan, one of the design capitals of the world to Dubai, a vibrant ultra-modern city, to the booming Asian business centre of Shanghai. The inspiration they gain from such visits allows them to create one-off solutions. The high standards they set for themselves also reflect in the work they expect from the highly-valued skills of the top craftsmen they use, the best in the region. This attitude to perfection is combined with minimalist functionality to ensure that the end result does not only look elegant but also serves a useful purpose.